A-ha! moments aren’t always in black-and-white on a script.

(They’re revealed by intuition and experience)

At Working Title Productions, we know that getting the footage you need means going wherever it takes…in the studio, boardrooms, mountains…and in some cases, even prisons and car trunks. (Long stories—both of ‘em.)

We’ve done it all—from news, commercials, reality, documentaries and corporate, to network sports coverage and, of course, stock footage.  If you need something done from script to screen, we have the experience, credits, and references for that too.  All the pieces of the puzzle — writers, directors, actors, editors, sound mixers, gaffers, graphic artists.

DP/Camera Operator Shawn Emery has 15 years of shooting experience going way back to before you saw what you shot, it needed to be developed. Owner of HVX200 camera package, Kinoflo lights, and sound.  He is an expert skier with extensive winter sports credits and is regularly sought out by producers looking for a reliable, experienced skier/shooter.